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Welcome to our website

Fruity Tree is an innovative company that creates and delivers products suited for it's clients' needs.
Our team of experienced, highly educated professionals has been working together for over 8 years.

Besides technical knowledge we are also experienced in the field of marketing mix.
We constantly follow new trends and seek possibilities with a few to come up with new ideas and create innovative business brands.

Our offer

Data processing software

We develop and implement software which helps conduct business

Mobile systems

We create innovative solutions for mobile users

Dedicated solutions

We design and manufacture systems and software by customers' orders

Marketing Mix

We promote network products and services based on 8P formula

Fruity Tree Team

Fruity Tree consists of specialists with a variety of skills. We have different experiences and education, which makes our work so effective.We complement one another, everyone has got a fresh way of looking at issues, that's why we can solve problems quickly.

Our passion is what brings us together; we work on our projects to make them flexible, useful and easy to manage. We strive to give our clients possibilities to make their businesses more profitable.

We are intellectually curious, and share unusual hobbies which further inspire us in our everyday work. Through combining hobbies and knowledge we are able to look at the world from an entirely different perspective to create something entirely new.

Fruity Tree History

The Fruity Tree was planted on 22 October 2008. From its very beginning the company has been focused on creative use of knowledge and on bringing professional solutions to the market.

As the first step we developed our technology department. Next we focused our activity on integrating and the innovative use of Internet network.

In 2010, which was a year of big changes, four new partners joined the company. The Fruity Tree blossomed, and we welcomed new members to the team.

At the moment we are capable of realizing all commissions. In the nearest future we are also planning on introducing solutions for B2B segment.

The Fruity Tree Mission is to:

  • Bring professional solutions to the market
  • Co-operate in partnership with our clients
  • Generate a positive result for the company
  • Respond dynamically to changes